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Value for Money with a few of the Elderly Statesmen of Sprintcar Racing
Author : Australian Speedway Action Media

There are four drivers that stand out in Sprintcar racing in this country that may be called the elderly statesmen of sprintcar racing, while some people may suggest that they are has-beens! or whatever you may think, what the following four drivers haven’t won probably isn’t worth winning and yes these drivers are still winning.

The four Australian Sprintcar drivers that have amassed so much and continue to be at the top end of the ladder, David Murcott, Robbie Farr, Trevor Green and Max Dumesny who finished in that order at the Australian Sprintcar Title in Tasmania showing they have what it takes to be at the top.

The collection of wins these driver have is amazing, Australian Titles, World Series Championships and feature wins, each driver has won State titles in more than one state, Grand Annual Classics, Krikke Boys wins and many of the countries major blue ribbon events, the list is endless.

While there is a wealth of the new bred of drivers doing themselves proud and having great success
the elderly foursome has been right in the mix this season and the Christmas New Year period was no exception.

What about Max who has been having great success at Parramatta and then headed west to finish third at the Classic on his preliminary night then following that up with a great second place in the Classic Main event and fourth in the Australian Title, impressive to say the least.

Trevor Green just keeps staying at the pointy end of the field with his recent Wins in the Scott Darley race at Parramatta then he backed that up with the News South Wales Title win before heading down to the Classic where Trevor took third place in is preliminary night A Main then fourth in the Classic A Main before yet another great result in Tasmania to continue his good form with third place in the Australian Title race.

Robbie Farr is enjoying a great season with many feature wins already this season and strong results in the WSS speedweek before taking the win at the New Year International Challenge at Parramatta. Down south to the Presidents Cup at Avalon and Robbie left with the first place trophy once again. A top ten finish in the Classic was acceptable before he too ventured to the National Title to take second place in the Title race.

The new Australian Sprintcar Champion David Murcott made amends for his disappointment of loosing the Title lead late in the race last season with a convincing win in both the preliminary feature race and then taking the Title win the next night to add to his list of State Titles and other blue ribbon events David has achieved.

Each of these drivers have had many years of great support from major companies in this country and continue to do so, “Value for Money”. Max Dumesny - Valvoline, Trevor Green - Adrad, Robbie Farr – East Coast Pipeline and David Murcott - Mainline Dynamometers plus a host of other sponsors that continue to support each driver and their teams.

Yes these drivers have what it takes and are a long way from finished in sprintcar racing and will not let the new young breed take any event win without a fight! Has-beens, too old I don’t think so just keep watching the magnificent foursome and you will still see some of the best racing in this country with these drivers. Value for money! You bet.

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